Merkel selected as finalist for GSNP speaker award

Congratulations to postdoctoral associate Matthias Merkel, who was selected as a finalist for the APS Group for Nonlinear and Statistical Physics (GSNP) postdoctoral speaker award.  He is one of five finalists who will be giving a talk in the special award session at the APS March meeting in New Orleans.

Manning group welcomes Daniel Sussman

Dr. Daniel Sussman, an expert on polymers, kiragami, and other aspects of soft matter physics has arrived at Syracuse University as a joint postdoc between the Marchetti, Schwarz, and Manning groups. He will be studying the mechanical properties of biological tissues, among other things. Welcome Daniel!

Manning group featured in Quanta article on physics of cancer

“We made what I would consider a ridiculously strict prediction: When that number is equal to 3.81 or below, the tissue is a solid, and when that number is above 3.81, that tissue is a fluid,” Manning said. “I asked Jeff Fredberg to go look at this, and he did, and it worked perfectly.”

Fredberg saw that lung cells with a shape index above 3.81 started to mobilize and squeeze past each other. Manning’s prediction “came out of pure theory, pure thought,” he said. “It’s really an astounding validation of a physical theory.”

Jammed Cells Expose the Physics of Cancer