Since 2015, software developed by the Manning Group is available at our github repository:

The ACTIVE software for nuclei tracking associated with the following publication:

R. M. Baker, M. E. Brasch, M. L. Manning, J. H. Henderson, “Automated, contour- based tracking and analysis of cell behavior over long timescales in environments of varying complexity and cell density,”  J. Roy. Soc. Interface 11(97), 20140386, doi: 10.1098/​rsif.2014.0386 (2014).

is available for download from the Henderson website.

The software for particle tracking inside Kupffer’s vesicle in the zebrafish, associated with the following book chapter:

Craig Fox, M. Lisa Manning, Jeff Amack. Imaging beads to quantify fluid flow in the cilliated organ of asymmetry in zebrafish. In Methods in Cillia and Flagella.(2014)

The download is available here. Please email with name and affiliation for password.

New software for simultaneous Nuclei and Golgi body tracking will become available here.