Manning CV

Preprints, submitted manuscripts

  1. Ojan Damavandi, Varda Hagh, Chris Santangelo*, M. Lisa Manning*.”Energetic rigidity: a Unifying Theory of Mechanical Stability” submitted, (2021).
    This work is partially supported by grants from the Simons Foundation No 348126 to Sid Nagel (VH), No 454947 to MLM (OKD and MLM) and No 446222 (MLM). CDS acknowledges funding from the NSF through grant DMR-1822638, and MLM acknowledges support from NSF-DMR-1951921
  2. Elizabeth Lawson-Keister and M. Lisa Manning, “Review: Jamming and arrest of cell motion in biological tissues”, submitted, (2021).
    This work was supported by the Simons Foundation grants #454947 and #446222 and the National Science Foundation NSF-DMR-1951921.
  3. Paula C. Sanematsu, Gonca Erdemci-Tandogan, Himani Patel, Emma M. Retzlaff, Jeffrey D. Amack, M. Lisa Manning. “3D viscoelastic drag forces drive changes to cell shapes during organogenesis in the zebrafish embryo,” submitted, BioRXiv (2021)
    This work was supported by NIH grants R01GM117598 and R01HD099031, and a Simons
    Foundation Investigator Award (#446222).
  4. Gonca Erdemci-Tandogan and M. L. Manning. Effect of cellular rearrangement time delays on the rheology of vertex models for confluent tissues, submitted, BioRXiv: (2021).
    This work was supported by NIH R01GM117598 and the Simons Foundation (grant #446222 and #454947 to MLM).
  5. Preeti Sahu, J. M. Schwarz, M. Lisa Manning. “Geometric signatures of tissue surface tension in a three-dimensional model of confluent tissue”, submitted, (2021).
    This work was primarily funded by NSF-PoLS-1607416 and NSF-PoLS-2014192. PS and MLM acknowledge additional support from Simons Grant No. 454947.
  6. Amanda Parker, M. Cristina Marchetti, M. Lisa Manning, J. M. Schwarz. “How does the extracellular matrix affect the rigidity of an embedded spheroid?” submitted (2020).
    We acknowledge NSF-PoLS 1607416 for financial support.
  7. Takaki Yamamoto, Daniel M. Sussman, Tatsuo Shibata, M. Lisa Manning. “Non-monotonic fluidization generated by fluctuating edge tensions in confluent tissues,” submitted, (2020).
    M.L.M. and D.M.S. acknowledge support from Simons Foundation Grants #46222 and #454947 and NSFPHY-1607416.

Peer-reviewed publications

  1. Peter K. Morse, Sudeshna Roy, Elisabeth Agoritsas, Ethan Stanifer, Eric I. Corwin, M. Lisa Manning. “A direct link between active matter and sheared granular systems,” accepted to PNAS, (2020). 
       M.L.M., P.M, and S.R. acknowledge support from from Simons Foundation Grants #46222 and #454947, and M.L.M. acknowledges support from NSFDMR-1951921.
  2. John Devany, Daniel M. Sussman, Takaki Yamamoto, M. Lisa Manning, Margaret L. Gardel, “Cell division Rate Controls Cell Shape Remodeling in Epithelia,”  PNAS, on BioRXiv: (2021).
    MLM acknowledges funding from a Simons Foundation collaborative grant on Cracking the glass problem (#454947) and in the Mathematical Modeling of Living Systems(#446222) as well as NSF-PHY-1607416. This project was initiated by Scialog Funding awarded to MLG and MLM
  3. Steffen Grosser, Jürgen Lippoldt, Linda Oswald, Matthias Merkel, Daniel M. Sussman, Frédéric Renner, Pablo Gottheil, Erik W. Morawetz, Thomas Fuhs, Xiaofan Xie, Steve Pawlizak, Anatol W. Fritsch, Benjamin Wolf, Lars-Christian Horn, Susanne Briest, Bahriye Aktas, M. Lisa Manning, and Josef A. Käs. “Cell and Nucleus Shape as an Indicator of Tissue Fluidity in Carcinoma,”  Physical Review X (2021).
    This project has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC-741350/HoldCancerBack), the
    Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG KA 1116/17-1 and INST 268/296-1 FUGG), the National Science Foundation (NSF-PHY-1607416), and the Simons
    Foundation (Grants No. 446222 and No. 454947)
  4. David Richard* Geert Kapteijns* Julia A. Giannini, M. Lisa Manning, and Edan Lerner, “A simple and broadly-applicable definition of shear transformation zones,” accepted to Phys. Rev. Lett., (2020).
    We are grateful for the support of the Simons Foundation for the Cracking the Glass Problem Collaboration Awards No. 348126 to Sid Nagel (D. R.), No. 454947(M. L. M.), and Simons investigator grant No.446222(J. A. G). 
  5. Diogo E. P. Pinto, Gonca Erdemci-Tandogan, M. Lisa Manning, and Nuno A. M. Araujo. “The cell adaptation time sets a minimum length scale for patterned substrates,” Biophysical Journal 119,11, (2020).
    MLM and GET acknowledge support from the Simons Foundation (#446222) and from NSF-DMR-1352184 (MLM).
  6. D. Richard, M. Ozawa, S. Patinet, E. Stanifer, B. Shang, S. Ridout, B. Xu, G. Zhang, P. Morse, J.-L. Barrat, L. Berthier, M.L. Falk, P. Guan, A. Liu, K. Martens, S. Sastry, D. Vandembroucq, E. Lerner, and M.L. Manning. “Predicting plasticity in disordered solids from structural indicators,” Physical Review Materials 4, 113609  arXiv:2003.11629 (2020).
    Simons Cracking the Glass No.454947 (P. Morse and M. L. Manning), NSF-DMR-1352184 (E. Stanifer)
  7. Peter Morse, Merlijn van Deen, Sven Wijtmans, Martin Van Hecke, M. L. Manning, “Two classes of events in sheared particulate matter,”  Physical Review Research 2 023179 arXiv:1907.10198 (2020).
    M.L.M., S.W., and P.M. acknowledge funding from NSF-DMR-1352184, and M.L.M and P.M. from Simons Foundation Grant No. 45494, and research computing support from NSF CC-NIE 1541396.
  8. Xun Wang*, Matthias Merkel*, Leo B. Sutter*, Gonca Erdemci-Tandogan, M. Lisa Manning, Karen E. Kasza. “A solid-to-fluid transition is predicted by cell shape and alignment in an anisotropic tissue of the developing fly embryo,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences May 2020, , , arXiv: (2020).
    DMR-1352184 and POLS-1607416 to M.L.M, and DMR-1460784 (REU) to L.B.S. M.L.M., M.M., and G.E.T. acknowledge support from Simons Grant No. 446222 and 454947, and NIH R01GM117598
  9. Preeti Sahu, Daniel M. Sussman, Matthias Rübsam, Aaron F. Mertz, Valerie Horsley, Eric R. Dufresne, Carien M. Niessen, M. Cristina Marchetti, M. Lisa Manning, J. M. Schwarz. Small-scale demixing in confluent biological tissues.  Soft Matter 16, 3325-3337. arXiv:1905.00657 (2020).
    This work was supported by NSF-POLS-1607416 (MCM, MLM, JMS) NSF-DMR-1352184 (MLM), Simons Foundation-454947 (MLM).
  10. Rathbun L, Colicino E, Coyne S, Reilly N, Erdemci-Tandogan G, Garrastegui A, Freshour J, Santra P, Manning ML, Amack J, Hehnly H. “Cytokinetic bridge triggers de novo lumen formation in vivo,” Nature Communications 11 1269 (2020).
  11. Preeti Sahu*, Janice Kang*, Gonca Erdemci-Tandogan, M. Lisa Manning. Linear and nonlinear mechanical responses can be quite different in models for biological tissues. Soft Matter 16, 1850-1856 , DOI: 10.1039/C9SM01068H. arXiv:1905.12714 (2020).
    This work was primarily supported by NSF-POLS-1607416 and NSF DMR-1460784 (REU). MLM and PS acknowledge additional support from Simons Grant No.454947 and NSF-DMR -1352184, and MLM and GET ac-knowledge support from Simons Grant No. 446222 and NIH R01GM117598
  12. Michael Czajkowski, Daniel M. Sussman, M. Cristina Marchetti, M. Lisa Manning. Glassy Dynamics in Models of Confluent Tissue with Mitosis and Apoptosis.  Soft Matter, arXiv:1905.01603, DOI: 10.1039/C9SM00916G (2019).
    NSF-DMR-1352184 (MC and MLM), NSF-PHY-1607416 (MLM and DMS) as well as Simons Foundation Grant Number 454947 (MLM and DMS).
  13. Matthias Merkel, Karsten Baumgarten, Brian P. Tighe, M. Lisa Manning. A minimal-length approach unifies rigidity in underconstrained materials. arXiv:1809.01586,  PNAS (2019).
    Funding: Simons Foundation #446222, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the Research Corporation for Scientific Advancement though the Cottrell Scholars program, and computational support through NSF ACI-1541396. MLM also acknowledges support from the Simons Foundation under grant number 454947, and NSF-DMR-1352184 and NSF-PHY-1607416
  14. M.E. Brasch*, G. Passucci*, A. Gulvady, C. E. Turner, M. L. Manning, J. H. Henderson, “Nuclear position relative to the Golgi body and nuclear orientation are differentially responsive indicators of cell polarized motility,”  PLOS ONE,, (2019). *authors contributed equally
    Funding: NSF-CMMI-1334611, NSF-DMR-1352184, Simons MMLS (Award #446222).
  15. G. Passucci, M.E. Brasch, J. H. Henderson, M. L. Manning, “Identifying the mechanisms that generate super-diffusivity in mouse fibroblast trajectories on 2D substrates”, PLOS Comp Bio, arxiv:1712.05049 (2019).
    Associated software download: 
    Funding: NSF-BMMB-1334493, NSF-DMR-1352184, RSCA, Sloan.
  16. Tristan Sharp, Matthias Merkel, M. Lisa Manning, Andrea J. Liu, “Statistical properties of 3D cell geometry from 2D slices”,   arXiv:1802.09131 PLOS ONE, (2019).
    Funding: Sloan, Gordon and Betty Moore, RSCA, NSF DMR-1352184, NSF-PHY-1607416, Simons MMLS (Award #446222). Computational support provided through NSF ACI-1541396.
  17. Gonca Erdemci-Tandogan, Madeline Clark, Jeff Amack, M. L. Manning. “Tissue flow induces shape change during morphogenesis”, arxiv:1804.02252, Biophysical Journal  (2018).
    Funding: NIH R01GM117598, Simons MMLS (Award #446222). Computing infrastructure support provided through NSF ACI-1541396.
  18. E.M. Stanifer, P K Morse, A.A. Middleton, M.L. Manning. “Simple random matrix model for the vibrational spectrum of jammed packings.” arXiv:1804.04074, Phys Rev E 98, 042908 DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.98.042908 (2018).
    Funding: Simons Glass (Award #454947), NSF DMR-1352184. Computational resources provided by Syracuse University and NSF ACI-1541396.
  19. M. Czajkowski, Dapeng Bi, M. L. Manning, M. C. Marchetti, “Hydrodynamics of shape-driven rigidity transitions in motile tissues”, Soft Matter 27,  DOI: 10.1039/C8SM00446C (2018).
    Funding: Simons MMLS (Award #446222), Simons Glass (Award #454947), the Syracuse Soft & Living Matter Program, NSF DMR-1352184, NIH R01GM117598-02.
  20. Fabio Giavazzi, Matteo Paoluzzi, Marta Macchi, Dapeng Bi, Giorgio Scita, M. Lisa Manning, Roberto Cerbino, M. Cristina Marchetti. “Flocking Transition in Confluent Tissues” Soft Matter 18, arXiv:1706.01113 doi:10.1039/C8SM00126J (2018) .
    Funding: Syracuse Soft Matter Program, Simons Glass (Award #454947), Simons MMLS (Award #446222), NSF DMR-1352184, NIH R01GM117598-02. Computing support from NSF ACI-1541396.
  21. Daniel M. Sussman, M. Paoluzzi, M. Cristina Marchetti, M. Lisa Manning, “Anomalous glassy dynamics in simple models of dense biological tissue”  Euro. Phys. Lett. 121  36001, arxiv:1712.05758  doi: 10.1209/0295-5075/121/36001 (2018).
    Funding: NSF POLS-1607416, Simons MMLS (Award #446222), NSF DMR-1352184, Cottrell. Computing support through NSF ACI-1541396.
  22. Agnik Dasgupta, Matthias Merkel, Andrew E. Jacob, Jonathan Dawson, M. Lisa Manning and Jeffrey D. Amack, “Asymmetric cell volume changes regulate epithelial remodeling of the left-right organizer”,  eLife 7 e30963  DOI: 10.7554/eLife.30963 (2018).
    Funding: NIH R01GM117598, Simons MMLS (#446222), Cottrell, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. Computing infrastructure support through NSF ACI-1541396.
  23. Daniel Sussman, Jennifer Schwarz, M. Cristina Marchetti, M. Lisa Manning. “Soft yet sharp interfaces in vertex-based models for confluent tissues”. Physical Review Letters 120, 058001, arXiv:1710.00708 DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.120.058001 (2018)
    Funding: NSF-POLS1607416, Simons MMSL (#446222), NSF DMR-1352184, Cottrell, Syracuse University Soft Matter Program. Computing support through NSF ACI-1541396.
  24. Matthias Merkel and Lisa Manning. “A geometrically controlled rigidity transition in a model for confluent 3D tissues”, FastTrack communication, New Journal of Physics 20 022002, arXiv:1706.02656  DOI:10.1088/1367-2630/aaaa13 (2018).
    Funding: Sloan, Gordon and Betty Moore, Cottrell, Simons MMLS (446222) and Glass (454947), NSF-DMR-1352184, and NSF-PHY-1607416. Computational support through NSF ACI-1541396.
  25. X. Yang, Dapeng Bi, M. Czajkowski, M. Merkel, M. L. Manning, M. C. Marchetti, “Correlating Cell Shape and Cellular Stress in Motile Confluent Tissues”, PNAS 114 (48) 12663-12668, arXiv:1704.05951 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1705921114 (2017) .
    Funding: Syracuse University Soft Matter Program, Simons MMLS (#446222), NSF DMR-1352184, NIH R01GM117598-02. Computational resources provided by Syracuse University and through NSF Grant ACI-1541396.
  26. Sven Wijtmans, M. L. Manning, “Disentangling sound modes and defects in disordered solids,” Cover article in Soft Matter 13 5649-5655arXiv:1502.00685 DOI: 10.1039/C7SM00792B (2017).
    NSF-DMR-1352184, Sloan, Simons Glass (#45494). Computing resources provided by Syracuse University and NSF-ACI-1541396.
  27. M. Merkel and M. L. Manning. “Using cell deformation and motion to predict forces and collective behavior in morphogenesis.” Invited review, Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology  67, 161-169, DOI: 10.1016/j.semcdb.2016.07.029 (2017).
    Funding: Sloan, NSF-BMMB-1334611, NSF-DMR-1352184, NIH-1R01GM117598-01, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Cottrell, the Syracuse University HTC Campus Grid, NSF award ACI-1541396 and the Soft Matter Program at Syracuse University.
  28. Dapeng Bi, X. Yang, M. C. Marchetti, M. L. Manning, “Motility-driven glass transitions in biological tissues,” Phys. Rev X 6 021011, arXiv:1509.06578 DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevX.6.021011 (2016). 
    Funding: Sloan, NSF-BMMB-1334611, NSF-DMR-1352184, NIH R01GM117598-02, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Cottrell, Syracuse University HTC Campus Grid, and the Soft Matter Program at Syracuse University.
  29. Dapeng Bi, J. Lopez, J. Schwarz, M. L. Manning, “A density-independent rigidity transition in biological tissues,” Nature Physics 11 1074-1079, arXiv:1409.0593 DOI: 10.1038/nphys3471 (2015). 
    Funding:Sloan, NSF CMMI-1334611, NSF DMR-1352184.
    recommended in F1000Prime as being of special significance in its field by F1000 Faculty Member Xavier Trepat.
  30. Steve Pawlizak, Anatol Fritsch, Steffen Grosser, Dave Ahrens, Tobias Thalheim, Stefanie Riedel, Tobias Kießling,  Mareike Zink, M. Lisa Manning, and Josef A. Käs, “Testing the differential adhesion hypothesis across the epithelial−mesenchymal transition”, New Journal of Physics 17, 24 August, DOI: 10.1088/1367-2630/17/8/083049 (2015).
    highlighted in a “Perspective” article in the new journal of physics by Dr. Fredberg and Tambe: 
    Funding: NSF BMMB-1334611, NSF DMR-1352184,
  31. Jin-Ah Park, Jae Hun Kim, Dapeng Bi, Jennifer A. Mitchel, Nader Taheri Qazvini, Kelan Tantisira, ChanYoung Park, Maureen McGill, Sae-Hoon Kim, Robert Steward, Jr., Stephanie Burger, Weiliang Qiu, Scott H. Randell, Alvin Kho, Dhananjay Tambe, Corey Hardin, Stephanie A. Shore, Elliot Israel, David A. Weitz, Daniel J. Tschumperlin, Scott T. Weiss, Elizabeth P. Henske, M. Lisa Manning, James P. Butler, Jeffrey M. Drazen, Jeffrey J. Fredberg, “Unjamming and cell shape in the asthmatic airway epithelium,”  Nature Materials 14 1040–1048, DOI:10.1038/nmat4357 (2015). 
    Funding: Sloan, NSF BMMB-1334611, NSF DMR-1352184.
    highlighted in a news and views article in Nature Materials by Dr. Swartz:
  32. Danielle S. Bassett, Eli T. Owens, Mason A. Porter, M. Lisa Manning, Karen E. Daniels. “Practical Methods for the Examination of Force Chain Network Architecture in Granular Materials” Soft Matter, arXiv:1408.3841 DOI: 10.1039/C4SM01821D (2015). (Cover article) 
    Funding:Sloan Foundation, NSF BMMB-1334611, NSF DMR-1352184
  33. M. L. Manning and A. J. Liu, “A random matrix definition of the boson peak,”  Europhysics Letters, 109 36002 arXiv:1307.5904 DOI: 10.1209/0295-5075/109/36002 (2015). 
    Funding: NSF DMR-1352184
  34. Craig Fox, M. L. Manning and J. D. Amack. Quantitative description of fluid flows produced by left–right cilia in zebrafish. Methods in Cell Biology. 127, 175-187 (2015) (Cover image).
    Funding: NSF-BMMB-1334611 and NSF-DMR-1352184.
  35. Xingbo Yang, M. Lisa Manning and M. Cristina Marchetti, “Aggregation and Segre- gation of confined active particles,” Soft Matter 10 (34), 6477 – 6484 DOI:10.1039/C4SM00927D (2014). Recommended with a commentary in the Journal Club for Condensed Matter
    Funding: NSF BMMB-1334611, NSF DMR-1352184
  36. R. M. Baker, M. E. Brasch, M. L. Manning, J. H. Henderson, “Automated, contour- based tracking and analysis of cell behavior over long timescales in environments of varying complexity and cell density,”  J. Roy. Soc. Interface 11(97), 20140386, DOI: 10.1098/rsif.2014.0386 (2014). 
    Funding: NSF BMMB-1334611
  37. Dapeng Bi, J. Lopez, J. Schwarz, M. L. Manning, “Energy barriers and cell migration in densely packed tissues,” Soft Matter 10 1885-1890, arXiv:1308.3891 DOI:10.1039/C3SM52893F (2014). Recommended with a commentary in the Journal Club for Condensed Matter.
    Funding: NSF BMMB-1334611, Syracuse University Chancellor’s Fund, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences.
  38. T. Idema, J. O. Dubuis, L. Kang, M. L. Manning, P. C. Nelson, T. C. Lubensky, and A. J. Liu, “The syncytial Drosophila embryo as a mechanically excitable medium,” PLOS ONE  8(10): e77216. arXiv:1304.4025 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0077216 (2013). 
    No MLM funding
  39. E-.M. Schoetz, M. Lanio, J. Talbot, and M. L. Manning, “Glassy dynamics in three dimensional embryonic tissues,” J. R. Soc. Interface 10(89): 20130726 arXiv:1307.4454 DOI: 10.1098/rsif.2013.0726 (2013). 
    Funding: Syracuse University College of Arts and Sciences. Computational support from the Princeton Center for Theoretical Science.
  40.  J.D. Amack, ML Manning. Knowing the Boundaries: Extending the Differential Adhesion Hypothesis in Embryonic Cell Sorting. Science 338 (6104), 212-215 DOI: 10.1126/science.1223953 (2012). 
    Funding: Syracuse University College of Arts & Sciences
  41. Guangliang Wang, M. Lisa Manning, Jeffrey D Amack. Regional Cell Shape Changes Control Form and Function of Kupffer’s Vesicle in the Zebrafish Embryo. Developmental Biology. Volume 370, Issue 1, 1 October 2012, Pages 52–62.  DOI: 10.1016/j.ydbio.2012.07.019 (2012). 
    Funding: No MLM funding.
  42. M. L. Manning and A.J. Liu. Vibrational modes identify soft spots in a sheared disordered packing. Phys. Rev. Lett. 107 108302 arXiv:1012.4822 DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.107.108302 (2011). 
    No MLM funding
  43. K. Chen, M. L. Manning, P. J. Yunker, W. G. Ellenbroek, Z. Zhang, A. J. Liu, and A. G. Yodh. Measurement of Correlations between Low-Frequency Vibrational Modes and Particle Rearrangements in Quasi-Two-Dimensional Colloidal Glasses. Phys. Rev. Lett.107 108301 arXiv:1103.2352 DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.107.108301 (2011). 
    No MLM funding
  44. (Supp. Info)  M. L. Manning, R. A. Foty, M. S. Steinberg, and E.-M. Schoetz, “Coaction of intercellular adhesion and cortical tension specifies tissue surface tension,” Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. 107, 28 12517-12522, DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1003743107 (2010). 
    Funding: No MLM funding.
  45. “Pulse-like, crack-like and supershear earthquake ruptures with shear strain localization,” E. G. Daub, M. L. Manning and J. M. Carlson, J. Geophys. Res. 115, B05311 DOI: 10.1029/2009JB006388 (2010) 
    NSF DMR‐0606092, NSF/USGS Southern California Earthquake Center
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    Funding: NSF Graduate research fellowship
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    Funding: McDonnell, Packard Foundation, NSF DMR-0606092, NSF/USGS Southern California Earthquake Center
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    Funding: NSF, McDonnell, Packard Foundation, NSF DMR-0606092
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    Funding: McDonnell, Packard, NSF DMR-0606092,
  50. [M. Manning, J. M. Carlson, and J. Doyle. Highly Optimized Tolerance in dense and sparse resource regimes. Phys. Rev. E 72 056106, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.72.016108 (2005).
    Funding:NSF, Packard, NSF DMR-9813752, McDonnell, Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies through ARO DAAD19-03-D-0004.

Additional publications

  • Manning, M. L. & Eva-Maria Schoetz, C. “Focus on physical models in biology: multicellularity and active matter”, Editorial in New Journal of Physics 17, 040201, (2015).
  • M. L. Manning, R. A. Foty, M. S. Steinberg, and E.-M. Schoetz, “Reply to Krens et al: Cell stretching may initiate cell differentiation,” Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. 108, 3, E11, DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1011542108 (2011).
  • M. L. Manning, Effective temperature and strain localization in amorphous solids. Ph. D. Thesis. September 2008.