M. Lisa Manning

William R Kenan, Jr. Professor of Physics
Physics Building, 229B
Loves: cooking (not baking!), snowboarding and apes-ski, science fiction, watching sports, and eating out at fancy restaurants.

Sadjad Arzash

Postdoctoral Associate
SU & UPenn, Physics Building Room 229
Sadjad enjoys going on hikes/long walks, watching movies and stand-up comedies, reading classic novels, and playing chess and card games. He is also very enthusiastic about live rock/indie music events.

Somiealo Azote

Future Faculty Fellow
Physics Building 229C
I love cooking, mainly spicy dishes, and I also enjoy running outdoors. In my free time I like watching comedy movies, football or soccer

Alex Grigas

Postdoctoral Associate
Physics Bldg 229C
I love novels, philosophy, running, all things food and drink and walking my dog.

Rajendra Singh Negi

Postdoctoral Associate
Physics Building 229E
I enjoy playing volleyball, badminton, and cricket, and I've recently taken up pickleball. I also love traveling, hiking, and cooking.

Cam Dennis

Postdoctoral Associate
UPenn & SU, Physics Building Room 229E
When he isn't working, he enjoys playing with his pet bunny, cooking and baking, bouldering, and relaxing with some sudoku

Tyler Hain

Graduate Student
Physics Building, 245
In my spare time I enjoy playing guitar, listening to death metal, and reading about history.

Adil Ghaznavi

Graduate student
Physics Building, 245
In my free time I like hiking, listening to Taylor Swift and playing chess, valorant or badminton.

Kelly Aspinwall

Graduate Student
Physics Building 229E
In my free time, I enjoy reading, baking, crocheting, and hanging out with my pets.

No Chen

Graduate Student
Bird Library 3rd floor (Temp)
love: drawing, swimming and baseball

Meagan Gonzalez

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Maxima Herbert

Undergraduate Research Assistant
My hobbies are playing rugby and watching Chelsea fc


Dapeng Max Bi
Previous: Postdoctoral fellow in the Manning group/Syracuse Soft Matter Program
Current: Assistant professor, Northeastern

Michael Czajkowski
Graduate research assistant Manning/Marchetti groups. Ph. D. Summer 2018.
Current: Postdoctoral associate with Zeb Rocklin at Georgia Tech

Varda Hagh
Previous: Postdoctoral associate, Simons Cracking the Glass collaboration (Oregon, UChicago, Syracuse)
Current: Postdoctoral associate, University of Chicago

Ojan Khatib-Damavandi
Previous: Postdoctoral associate, Manning research group
Current: Data scientist, Intel

Elizabeth Lawson-Keister
Graduate research assistant Manning groups. Ph. D. Summer 2023.
Current: Mathematical Statistician SSA

Kassidy Lundy
Previous: Undergraduate researcher in the Manning group.
Current: Graduate student, Greally Lab, Albert Einstein school of medicine

Erin McCarthy
Previous: Undergraduate researcher in the Manning group.
Current: Lab technician, Kathy Green lab, Northwestern

Matthias Merkel
Previous: postdoctoral researcher 2015-2018
Current: CNRS group leader, Centurti and Center for Theoretical Physics, Marseilles

Peter Morse
Previous position: Postdoctoral associate, SU
Current position: Postdoctoral associate, Duke University

Amanda Parker
Previous: Postdoctoral associate, SU
Current: Computational Scientist, Simbiosys
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Giuseppe Passucci
Previous: Graduate researcher in the Manning group. Ph. D. Spring 2018
Current: Systems Engineer at SRC in Syracuse, New York

Kamalendu Paul
Previous: Graduate researcher in the Manning group.
Current: RA working with Zhao Qin

David Richard
Previous: Postdoctoral researcher U. Amsterdam, joint between Manning/Lerner
Current: Postdoctoral Fellow, Grenoble

Sudeshna Roy
Previous: Postdoctoral Associate in the Manning group, 2019-2020
Current: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Heriot-Watt University, School of Engineering and Physical Sciences, Edinburgh, UK working with Prof. Raffaella Ocone on granular rheology

Preeti Sahu
Previous: Graduate student in Manning/Schwarz/Marchetti, Ph.D. Summer 2020.
Current: Postdoctoral researcher and Marie Curie Fellow at IST Austria

Paula Sanematsu
Previous: Postdoctoral associate in Manning Group 2019-2022.
Current: Research Computing Facilitator, Harvard University

Ethan Stanifer
Previous: graduate student in Manning research group, Ph.D. Spring 2020.
Current: Postdoctoral researcher at U. Michigan

Daniel Sussman
Previous position:
Postdoctoral associate, SU
Current position:
Assistant Professor of Physics, Emory University

Gonca Erdemci-Tandogan
Previous position:
Postdoctoral associate, SU
Current position:
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Toronto

Sven Wijtmans
Graduate researcher in the Manning group. Ph. D Summer 2017.
Current: Electrical Engineer/ Software Systems Analyst. at Trak Engineering, Inc. in Tallahassee, Florida


Fall 2023

8 Manning group researchers lined up in front of Carnegie Library

Summer 2022

8 Manning group researchers lined up in front of Carnegie Library

Summer 2021 (Our social distance band photo)

8 Manning group researchers standing around outside

Summer 2019

Summer 2018