MSI-PWI workshop held at UC-Irvine

More than 30 educators from across the United States attended the inaugural “Building Authentic Partnerships” workshop on June 25-26, 2018. This workshop, held at UC-Irvine and sponsored by grants from the Research Corporation for Science Advancement and NSF, was designed to inspire new and creative partnerships between minority-serving institutions and primarily white institutions. Organizers are currently reviewing applications for $20,000 in seed funding to support such partnerships. More information about the workshop is available here.

MSI/PWI Workshop to be held June 25-26

Lisa Manning, in collaboration with an organizing team of other Cottrell Scholars, will chair a 2-day workshop at UC-Irvine on June 25-26 called “Building Authentic Partnerships: Minority Serving Institutions and Primarily White Institutions Working Together to Improve Research and Education.” The objective of the workshop is to develop strategies and policies to help minority serving institutions (MSI) and primarily white institutions (PWI) develop authentic, sustainable partnerships that are mutually beneficial for faculty and students. Visit the workshop webpage for more information, including a full schedule and a list of speakers and facilitators. This workshop is funded by a grant from the Research Corporation for Scientific Advancement.

Lisa Manning receives 2018 APS Maria Goeppert Mayer Award

October 23, 2017

Lisa Manning has received the 2018 Maria Goeppert Mayer Award from the American Physical Society (APS) for her use of computational and analytical tools to develop microscopic understanding of flow in disordered materials, ranging from metallic glasses to biological tissues. This prestigious national award is given to one woman physicist each year for scientific achievements within the first 10 years of receiving her PhD. The award includes a $2,500 cash prize and additional funds for invited lectures at up to four institutions. Lisa will accept the award at the APS March meeting in Los Angeles.

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Lisa Manning gives public lecture on the physics of cancer for Orange Central 2017

October 6, 2017

As part of Syracuse University’s “Orange Central” homecoming program, Lisa Manning gave a public lecture on how physics can describe whether cancer cells behave like solids or like fluids, including how the relationship between a cell’s perimeter and its area can predict whether it will remain stationary or migrate. Read more at

Lisa Manning receives Cottrell Award to increase minority participation in STEM fields

September 2017

Lisa Manning is the PI on a $25,000 Cottrell Scholar Collaborative Award from the Research Corporation for Scientific Advancement to fund ongoing two-way partnerships between minority-serving institutions (MSI) and primarily white institutions (PWI). This project will begin with a two-day workshop hosted at the University of California-Irvine in June 2018. The ultimate goal of these collaborations is to develop best practices for increasing participation in STEM research among underrepresented minority populations.

Leo Sutter completes Syracuse Biomaterials Institute REU program

August 2017

Leo Sutter, an undergraduate physics major from the Rochester Institute of Technology, successfully completed a 10-week Syracuse Biomaterials Institute Research Experience for Undergraduates in the Manning group. Under the direction of postdoctoral associate Matthias Merkel, Leo studied the mechanical behavior of anisotropic confluent tissues. Working at RIT with Dr. Moumita Das, he has also studied the mechanical behavior of cancerous cells.