Welcome to Physics 215!

Welcome to Honors Introductory physics!

This course is a special version of calculus-based introductory physics for honors students and those interested in becoming a physics major. We cover some of the same material as Physics 211 (including free fall, collisions, rolling, energy, and sound waves), in a bit more depth and at a slightly accelerated pace. We will do some additional fun things in class, such as organizing an “undergraduate research panel” where you can ask senior students questions about how to get involved in research as an undergraduate.

We will determine the recitation section time together during the first week of classes.

How to Use This Website

All course information: syllabus, textbook information, office hours, policies, etc, is on the Course Information tab on the menu above.  Lectures slides will be available under Lectures. The reading schedule is available under schedule. Please check back regularly for class announcements, which will show up on the announcements page and in the sidebar to the right.

There is a separate website for the associated lab course, Phys 221. Contact Sam Sampere (smsamper@syr.edu) directly with any questions about the lab class. Thanks!