Jammed Packings Under Random Force

I am interested in disordered system like granular materials. I have done my PhD from University of Twente, Netherlands in Prof. Stefan Luding’s group. I am currently a postdoctoral associate at Syracuse University in the group of Prof. Lisa Manning.

Recent ideas from the mean-field theory suggests that the response of a system to global shear and random forces are expected to be equivalent in infinite dimensions. I am working on a method for driving a 2D system of jammed packings of spheres by quasi-static random forces to demonstrate that the response is similar to that observed in athermal quasi-static shear simulations. To do so, we compare the stress-strain behavior of the system as one of the aspects. Further, the goal of my project is to vary the correlation length of the random vector distribution and study the onset of the shear band in the system from this aspect.

Participant: Sudeshna Roy, Ethan Stanifer
Mentor: Prof. Lisa Manning
Collaborator: Peter Morse